Powder Keg Beer & Chili Festival


The Exeter Powder Keg Beer & Chili Festival is an annual festival that attracts over 3000 beer and chili lovers from all over the country. The festival is a fund raiser for the Exeter Parks and Recreation Department and the Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce. ecm was approached to design the logo, marketing materials and a new website.

Exeter became the capital of New Hampshire during the Revolutionary War. It’s believed that some of the gunpowder that was stored in the town’s powder house, built in 1771, was used in the Battle of Bunker Hill.  Wanting to reflect the town’s Revolutionary roots, Parks & Rec and the Chamber wanted to incorporate an aspect of its history in the name & logo of the festival.  ecm took the gunpowder barrel and adapted it to fit the theme of the event and pay homage to the town’s history.  The result is an easily recognizable and iconic brand that will stand the test of time.